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How to track serialized inventory?

We recommend tracking serialized inventory by setting up yourself as a customer or creating a customer called stock. Then all serialized inventory can be entered into the radios module and tracked just like you would track any other customers' radios.

Why isn't my Peachtree inventory transferring properly?

The inventory item description that ShopWare pulls from Peachtree is the Description For Sales field, not the short description that is also provided.

Is ShopWare compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and 7?


Which versions of Peachtree are compatible with ShopWare?

Any Peachtree 2010 and newer

Which versions of QuickBooks are compatible with ShopWare?

QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise 2010 and newer. Contact us about any other versions.

After installation you are receiving the following error message: "Out of memory when starting MS Access."

Download and install Jet35SP3 to correct this problem

Installation Problems:

ShopWare setup was not completed successfully.

Other programs may be running, keeping setup from completing. Check your windows startup folder, by clicking "START", "PROGRAMS",  "START UP",   to make sure no programs are loaded. If other programs are loaded, move the programs from the startup folder, reboot the machine, then retry installation. After successful installation, you should move the programs back to the startup folder.

Uninstalling - Error removing oleaut32.dll

Click IGNORE to continue with the uninstall. The file can be manually removed from the ShopWare directory afterwards.   

Network Problems:

What can I do if my server crashes (Corrupted database)?

Run the repair ShopWare Data utility (usually located on the server).
If the database is still corrupt, contact tech support or restore the DataXX.mdb from the last known good back up. 


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Last Updated: March 21, 2012